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After I find every bit of information I could get my hands on, I stop visiting sites, checking out pictures. Because I knew it would just be a waste of time. So I started to enjoy myself as a fan, along with others. Others who share the same obsession with me. They are the ones who pulls me towards that framed screen every night. We had fun, because of that understanding of that love. We bonded. It was something about the internet making it easier to connect with people. You can make everything and anything up about yourself, simply because they can see you. But vice versa, you'll never know who's talking behind the cold screen. That way you don't boring as fast, because you're mysterious. Or in which case, you hide your true self behind that practical, invisible shield.

It was that bond, that pull me apart from the rest of the world. I was lost in the dream world. The line between reality and fantasy was blur to me. Maybe that was the price of loving something you can't let go. I, indeed pay the price I owe.


The media always like to let it's audience to think everything is pure and beautiful. Unfortunately, the media do affect us. Under that circumstance, we think of all the things in the show biz as glamorous and brilliant. So it makes meeting someone in the entertainment field so exciting, because of that influence. Eventually that become all I was feeling when we first met, excited.

It was all in the expected. I was told they would be there celebrating Dee's 28th along with the rest of the fans. It was our first meet with everyone else, well at least for me anyways. I was so nervous when I tapped on the door bell that I could hear me, breathing heavily.

"DEE!!! It's Glit!!! Happy Birthday girl!" I said as I saw Dee open the door.

"Girl you're late! If JC isn't here right now, I would of grounded you!" Dee joke as she look at her watch, then she hugged me.

"Oh com'on, I come all the way down so you can ground me from the..." I was interrupted by a loud call.

"Dee woman! You have any D'Angelo CD's???" Justin yelled across the room.

"Nope! Looks like you gonna have to hear yourself sing again!" Dee grin at him, and dragged me inside.

Immediately I was hugged and greeted, by those who I knew have the same dream and obsession as me. After all the hugging, I was again drag to the living room, where the life of the party seems to be in. Because the 'Nsyncers were there.

"Um guys, come here for minute. CHRIS! PUT THAT NINTENDO DOWN AND GET YOUR TREE ASS OVER HERE!!!" Dee scream at the poor man in front of the tv. "This is Natalie, also known as Glit. The B-I-T-C-H of the club!" Dee joked to the guys. Mean while I was just standing there, amazed at how really this was all true.

"Oh shut up Dee, I'm not the only one who do all the bashing!" I slap her lightly on the arm.

"See? See that? That's why we call her the..." 

"Yeah, yeah, yeah...Bitch of Chasez...Okay enough about me, let's talk about Dee and how she loves loves that floor." I finish her sentence for her, and saw JC at the side starting to blush.

"Oh you say one word young lady and I'm gonna kick your mango ass!" Dee yelled.

"Okay enough you two, break it off. By the way, nice to meet you Natalie. I'm Justin, as you already know." Justin said. I figure he rather watch Chris play dreamcast then watching us cat-fight.

"Heh, yeah I do know. Sorry about that, it was Dee who started. From those Oh-my-god-Justin-is-so-hot-comments, you must be sick of girls already!" I chuckled at the thought of his smooth talking.

"But I'm not! I love girls!" Joey rush in.

"Yeah okay, whatever Joey. You ain't getting nothin' tonight!" Dee joked. 

"Let me guess, this is Lance over here. And Tree-Man on this side. Am I right?" I teased.

"CHI CHING!!!" Chris made a cash register sound.

"No, not yet." I said to Chris, "And this hottie in the middle, is the famous floor licker. Now you can do your lil' sound affect Kirk!" I teased

JC grin, he must be use to this already. "That's right, my bitch!" He joked.

"Okay, okay let's go cut some cake now. And Glit, stop hitting on my man!" Dee said jokingly, and tug my sleeves as I giggled with her.

When we enter the kitchen, Jodie greet me by a simple "Hey what's up ya'll psychiatrist? Had fun meeting the great and wonderful Chasez?" and I tightly hugged her. "Nothin' much you ko-ko nuts! Just having one of the best day in my whole dam life!" I answered excitedly. It was the best day of my life, or at least it seems to be at the time.